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Simply Maya - Victorian House Modeling and Texturing | 1.19 GB

13/09/2011 16:57#1



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Simply Maya - Victorian House Modeling and Texturing | 1.19 GB

Modeling a classic Victorian house is a fun and fairly easy project to follow along with if you haven"t done a lot of modeling in Maya previously. In the first part you"ll learn how to size up and align floor plane references for a house and assign them to different display layers, as well as use some basic hotkeys and other shortcuts.

Using polygon primitives we"ll create the base of the house by working with the move, scale and rotate tools, pulling and pushing vertices, extruding faces and edges, and duplicating geometry which is common practice when modeling any sort of architecture. We"ll also align the planks, build multiple windows and a front porch to finally combine all the separate parts into one complete model.

Throughout this tutorial you"ll get good practice at working with some of Maya"s most useful modeling tools, learn the basis of a polygon modeling workflow and how you can reuse and delete unnecessary geometry to generate a functional house model quickly.

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