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Mike Johnson – Autoblog Blueprint 3.0

13/09/2011 16:57#1



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Mike Johnson – Autoblog Blueprint 3.0

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Hello. My Name is Mike Johnson and I am the Creator of the Auto Blog Blueprint. While other products keep getting released telling everyone on the web that you can make money at the push of a button, I am here to show you how this really works AGAIN!

Now, the Auto Blog Blueprint 3.0 will DELIVER the Knockout Punch to all the wanna be Auto Blog products on the web. The ABB has been delivering profits and success to everyone who has been a Member since the first Version was released in November 2009! Version 2.0 added 3000 Members to the mix and the Member Only Forum now has close to 20,000 Posts with the most Auto Blogging information ever collected in one place on the Web and that doesn't even include the Actual Course itself!

The Auto Blog Blueprint 3.0 isn't about Auto Blogging and Trash or Spam sites….It is about building Value Added Blogs that Run on Autopilot and Profit!

The ABB 3.0 Delivers With:

* A Complete Step by Step Strategy Guide on How to Research, Create, Build, and Profit Fast!

* Over 40 Detailed Videos that Will Walk You through the Process!

* Built for Google 2011: The Most Intense SEO Plan of Action for Blogging Ever Developed!

* How to Get Your Blogs Indexed in Minutes and Get Ranked Fast!

* Success Templates that Will Show You How I Make Over $40,000 per Month with the Same System!

* An Auto Installer Pre-Configured for Success! So Simple Beginners are Using it Right Now to Profit!

What is the Auto Blog Blueprint 3.0?

The Auto Blog Blueprint was originally released in November 2009 and it sold like crazy. It was purely a Word of Mouth product that grew through Reviews and Recommendations all over the Web. A product that wasn't just an eBook, but a full fledged Training Course on How to Make Money Online with Auto Blogs. As the year progressed Google changed, new plugins and software were released, and the Auto Blog Blueprint evolved as well.

In June 2010, the Auto Blog Blueprint 2.0 was released and the Membership grew as well, adding over 3000 new members and the Reviews and Recommendations continued to pile in. The Auto Blog Blueprint 2.0 or ABB as we like to call it, continued to evolve and change to make things better and more profitable for Members.

Then all of a sudden the copy cats started pooring in. Auto Blog products were being released like crazy and the irony was that they were all trying to emulate the Auto Blog Blueprint. The problem was, they couldn't afford to outright copy what has been the most profitable Auto Blogging Program on the Web. Plus, the problem with these other programs has been that they were created by Marketers who, while they will tell you they are Auto Blogging Experts, the reality is that they are Marketers who use other people to help them create their products and they strictly “Manage” their programs and continue to watch the web and “other” products for the latest and greatest techniques in Auto Blogging.

AutoBlogging in 2011

Now here we are in 2011. The Web is changing radically and so are Google and the other top search engines Yahoo and Bing (who are combining into one entity this year). So now, after hundreds of hours of research and the continued evolution of over 130 Auto Blogs, I am releasing the Auto Blog Blueprint 3.0, which will take these current changes and morph them into even more Profits for those who want to take the ABB 3.0 Challenge!

Google and the other Search Engines are looking to stomp out Spam and Junk Duplicate Content sites. If you are already an Auto Blog Blueprint Member, you know that the ABB is not about creating Junk.

The ABB 3.0 Will Not Show You How To:

* Create 1000 Page or More Spam Blogs

* Create Junk Blogs with One Category

* Create Sites Using Single Source EzineArticles, ArticlesBase, or other Article Directories for Posts

* Create Sites as pure Amazon or Ebay Article Sites

* Create Quicky Blogs to Flip on Flippa


* Create Blogs in Just a Few Minutes or in 2 Hours or Less


That's right. All these New Products want to tell you over and over that you can create new blogs and be making money with them in 5 Minutes, 20 Minutes, 2 hours, etc…..

Not in 2011!

Google has already Slapped over 90% of the Junk Sites and Blogs on the web. In 2011, if your Blogs even come close to looking like Junk or Spam you have only accomplished one thing. You have created more Web JUNK! You will have wasted a good domain or domains and you will just be adding Junk files to the Internet Junk Yard.

The Auto Blog Blueprint 3.0 Will Show You How To:

* Find Profitable Niches and Domains that will Make LONG TERM PROFITS!

* Develop a Blog Building Strategy that will Create a Profitable Blog for Life!

* Execute the Most Definitive SEO Plan of Action Ever Developed for Blogs!

* Create Blogs that run on AutoPilot, not Create Auto Blogs!

* Monetize Your Blogs with TARGETED Advertising and Affiliate Products!

* Take Your Blogs Step by Step through the ABB 3.0 Search Engine Lifecycle Process!

* Use Social Media and other Tools for Tons of Extra Traffic!

* Get Your Blogs Indexed in 5 Minutes or Less

* Profit, Profit, and Profit with….

Value Added Blogs!

Yes, Value Added Blogs!

What is a Value Added blog? It is simply a Blog which is created to provide Value to Visitors to the site and makes them want to Click, Buy, Return, Buy Again, Tell Their Friends, and continue the cycle. Click, Buy, Click, Buy.

How does the Auto Blog Blueprint 3.0 Do This?

* With Over 40 Step by Step Videos and Tutorials

* An SEO Plan of Action which goes from On Page, On Site, to Offsite SEO and doesn't Miss a Beat!

* Detailed Examples of How to Build the Best Sites

* Detailed Examples an Where to Place Your Ads and Links

* Detailed Examples on What Content to Use and How to Use it

* Detailed Examples on How to Use and Create Content that will Work and Beat the Duplicate Content Filters!

How Can You Make With the Auto Blog Blueprint 3.0?

I am not going to sit here and give you a bunch of crazy numbers for how much Money you can make with this Course. Why? Because 100% of the Profit Potential lies with YOU! If You do what I teach you in this Course, the amount of Money you can make each Month, with each Blog, is only limited by the decisions You make. You can Make $1 per Month or you can make $5000 per Month with a single blog. There are a lot of factors that go into this, but the Number #1 Factor is YOU! I will give you all the Tools and Guidance You Need, from the Course to the Member's Only Forum, but in the end YOU have to do it. The Good News is, Hundreds of Members are DOING IT RIGHT NOW!

And So Can YOU!

Build a $100,000 Per year Business that Runs On Autopilot!

I used to tell people if you could make $1 per day per blog and build 100 Auto Blogs, you would make $3000 per month with Your Auto Blogs. The problem is that all along I already new that the Reality is that with between 10 and 20 Auto Blogs, You can create a $100,000 per Year Business. In fact, with 25 Blogs built with the Auto Blog Blueprint 3.0 Strategies, this is more than a Possiblity it Can Easily Be a Reality Fast. All You have to do it DO IT!!

Let's Do the Math:

To Make $100,000 Per Year with the Auto Blog Blueprint 3.0, All You Would Have To DO Is:

Divide $100,000 / 12 Months = $8,333 Per Month

If You Had 25 ABB 3.0 Blogs, You Would Need to Make:

$8,333 / 25 Blogs = $333 Per Month, Per Blog

$333 / 30 Days = $11 Per Day

$11 Per Day is Easy to Achieve using the ABB 3.0 System. That is One Affiliate Product Sale per Day Per Blog. One Sale!! Are Profits Like this Instant? No, it takes time. But I Will Show You the Way There. Your Profit Potential is endless here, but YOU Have to Follow my Instructions to DO IT! Whether You Want to Make $25,000, $50,000, or $100,000 Per Year, You Have to Decide Right Now if You are Willing to Follow a System that Actually Works, or Keep Chasing Fairy Tales! No Other Program on the Web Will Show You How to Do this the Right Way. They are all trying to Sell You Continuity, Monthly Memberships, Upsells, One Time Offers, and More! When You Click on the Buy Button Here, all You get is Instant Access to Everything!!

The ABB 3.0 Also Has Tools that will Help You Get Started Fast like…

The ABB Auto Blog Installer is New and Improved!

The Auto Blog Blueprint 3.0 Optimized WordPress Installer. Now, the Auto Blog Blueprint Optimized WordPress Blog Installer is completely Setup for Members to Quickly get their Blogs installed with all the Important SEO Settings and Mandatory Plugins already Configured and Ready to Go! This will save You Hours upon Hours of time. Thus giving You time to Focus on the Important Aspects of Building Your Profitable, Value Added Blog that Runs on AutoPilot!

Auto Blogging Tools?

The ABB 3.0 Only Recommends the Best Auto Blog Plugins which are Tested and Proven to Work! The Best tools on the Market are already out there and guess Where they are being Developed? Right Here! Over 20 of Today's Top Auto Blogging and Monetization Plugin Creators are already Auto Blog Blueprint Members! In fact, half of them actually participate in the Auto Blog Blueprint Member's Only Forum and Content in the Actual ABB itself! This way you don't have me constantly pushing my products on You like other programs and there is no forced payments each and every month.

With the ABB 3.0 once you Pay, you are a Member for Life! Then You get the Most Up to Date Information on Blogging on Autopilot right from the source, right in the Blueprint or in the Forum.

Current ABB Members and I work with the Developers of Products Like:

* Thomas from WP Robot

* Edwin from AutoPress Pro

* Andy Baker from WP Tweetbomb

* Wade Wells from phpBay and phpZON

* Brad from ReviewAZON

* Gerry and the Guys at Bumblesoft with EZ EmpireBuilder, WP Controller, and more.

* Gary and Fiona at BlogPig (with products like TagPig, CSVPig, CloakPig, SocialPig, and more!)

* Ben from Affiliate Wizard and CompariPress

* Dave from SERPAssist

* Oz from WP Easy Content

* Greg Jacobs from WP Mage

* Hudson Atwell from Blogsense

* Tim and Anthony from Web Traffic Genius and More!

Plus, You get the member's only forum!

With almost 20,000 Posts of Member Content and Support, the Auto Blog Blueprint Member's Only Forum is the single Biggest Auto Blogging Resource on the Web. Which means that you will get Constant Support for your Questions on the Course and Support from Current Members as well who all got Upgraded to the ABB 3.0 for Free!

New Bonuses for Auto Blog Blueprint Members!

Yes, when you buy the Auto Blog Blueprint 3.0, you also will Get Blog Optimized for Free when it is Released in March 2011! What is Blog Optimized? Blog Optimized is the single best way to setup and operate a Authority Blog for Profit. Plus, from beginning to end, Blog Optimized will show you how to build your blog for success and completely Optimize it for SEO, Speed, and Profits! Plus, you will get access to the Blog Optimized Network site as well where you can create Free Optimized Blogs, Hosted by us on the fastest and most highly Optimized Server you have ever seen!

Plus There is more…

When it is released in March, all ABB Members will receive the new Blog Management script, WP Supervisor! WP Supervisor will allow you to manage all of your Blogs from one Central interface without ANY FOOTPRINT. Plus, you will be able to create Custom Setups, Download Backups of Current sites and Install them as Custom Setups on other Hosting Accounts and Domains. Then you will be able to track your Blog's Ranking, Backlinks, and more from one Central Interface!Screen:

! ! !Buy a premium filesonic to download file with fast speed! ! !
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